Monday, March 27, 2017

iPad Pro Repair 2017

iPad Pro Repair 2017

As the iPad Pro repair market evolves in Orange County, we thought it was a good time for an update of repair options in Newport Beach and the OC area.  Things continue to change for local repair options of the iPad, iPhone, MacBook and other Apple and Samsung repair devices in Orange County.

The iPad Pro repair availability in Orange County remains limited.  You still have the Apple Stores at Fashion Island Newport Beach as an option, and you have RepairZoom down in Irvine near the Irvine Spectrum.  Both can provide original quality iPad Pro repairs, while RepairZoom is likely to be a bit less expensive and faster.  Many Newport Beach residents have come to RepairZoom in Irvine for many years for their iPhone Repair and other Apple Device repair requirements.

iPad Pro Next Generation Expected in 2017

The iPad Pro for 2017 is expected to undergo some serious changes soon.  It is anticipated that Apple will do-away with the physical home button in favor of a new home button technology that will be embedded directly in the glass screen on the iPad Pro "next generation".  Whether this changes the repair availability scenarios is yet to be seen... but with most Apple iOS devices, eventually they can be repaired by Apple and also by 3rd-party-repair shops like iCorrect in the UK or RepairZoom in the USA.

Apple Park to Open in Cupertino California

Apple Park California

Apple has a lot of exciting developments in their lineup for iPad in the future.  In April 2019 they are moving into their exciting new headquarters in Cupertino California, now called Apple Park.  This amazing building is the early vision of Steve Jobs, and has been completed by Tim Cook for Apple in the little town of Cupertino where Apple was created.  A Silicon Valley success story if there ever was one, Apple Park is likely to be a place where Apple engineers will create iPhones, iPads, and yet-to-be-invented devices of the future, that bear the signature "Designed in California by Apple" trademark that means the quality and value that only Apple seems to be able to deliver.


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