Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Apple introduces new iPhone and iPad products

Apple introduces new iPhone and iPad products

There will soon be some new iPad Pro repair and iPhone repair services available in Orange County. That's because in late March 2016, at a special event at Apple in Northern California, Apple announced a refresh to the lineup of products in both the iPhone and iPad families.

iPhone SE Repair - iPhone SE Launched March 2016
iPhone SE Launch Event March 2016
First off, Apple introduced as a completely iPhone, the iPhone SE.  This is a 4 inch iPhone that looks identical on the outside to previous iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s family of devices.  Apple shared some insights on how they reached the decision to launch the iPhone SE.  In a nutshell, customers around the world still love the 4 inch iPhones!  So while the iPhone 6 continues to be the dominant driver of iPhone growth, Apple did not forget or make the mistake of not listening to their customers.

So they have created the new iPhone SE. And this iPhone is a powerhouse. It is packed with all the same features as an iPhone 6… but the put it all in the smaller size of a 4" iPhone.  So you now get features like Touch ID, High-resolution cameras, enhanced Siri capabilities, and higher resolution retina display screens. But don't worry, if you need an iPhone screen repair, the cost of fixing this iPhone will be much less than fixing an iPhone 6 with a broken screen.  That's because iPhone screen repairs for the iPhone SE, will share the same platform as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. And that's excellent news for consumers, as these repairs are typically less than $99.

So we make a friendly recommendation here, if you are purchasing an iPhone SE and you are concerned about future iPhone repairs, you should forgo the insurance called AppleCare. That's because the cost to repair this phone is much lower than the aggregate cost of insurance. And nobody likes to buy AppleCare only to have it expire on them just before they need an iPhone screen repair.

iPad Pro in a smaller size

So in addition to the excitement around the new iPhone SE, Apple has also introduced a new smaller version of the iPad Pro. And this is also very welcome news for iPad lovers. You get all the amazing features of the iPad Pro, which are truly enhanced over previous iPad versions, all in form factor much closer in size to the current iPad Air. 

iPad Pro Repair - iPad Pro 9.7 Launch Event at Apple HQ
iPad Pro 9.7 Launch Event
That means you can use a detachable keyboard for the new smaller iPad Pro, you get the extra enhanced high resolution retina display, and you also can use the new Apple pencil technology to write with precision on the iPad screen. This is the amazing stylus created by Apple in California, that is much more than a simple pointing device for a tablet computer.  But be careful not to tap it too hard on the screen, or you may crack the iPad screen need to go to a repair shop like RepairZoom in Irvine for Pad Pro screen repairs.

And speaking of repairs for the iPad Pro, unfortunately these do not come cheap.  At least not initially.  The technology used to fuse together the glass screen, digitizer with Apple pencil capabilities, and very high resolution retina display, are so advanced that the replacement parts remain extremely expensive. So getting an iPad Pro repair is something you want to avoid, even if you have a high-quality iPad repair shop near you such as RepairZoom which is close to Newport Beach.

We expect very big sales from the new iPad Pro. There seems to of been pent-up demand for an iPad that truly offered new features a new functionality.  So if you live in Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Alisa Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, or any of the communities near RepairZoom iPhone repair and iPad repair in Irvine, you can always trust but they have the latest information about Apple products and needed Apple device repairs. They even recently launched MacBook and other Apple computer repairs.

Friday, February 5, 2016

iPhone Repair Orange County

iPhone Repair

If you're looking for an amazing iPhone screen repair service look no further than RepairZoom Orange County. This company has been established for the last five years and has a world class track record of customer service and helpfulness for Apple iPhone customers in Irvine, Alisa Viejo, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Trabucco Canyon, Tustin, and many of the surrounding communities in the South Orange county area.  It's amazing for iPhone Repair Newport Beach as well and located close to the Irvine Spectrum Center iPhone Repair depot.

Located near the Irvine spectrum mall, RepairZoom in Irvine is a world class facility rivaling the quality you get from the Irvine Apple Store themselves. However, unlike going to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store, you will find faster service and less expensive service on nearly every iPhone repair.  And don't worry if your iPhone 6 LCD is damaged in addition to the cracked glass on your iPhone 6, Repair Zoom can fix it even if the LCD is damaged.

If your iPhone Case is bent

Even if your iPhone case is slightly bent on any model of a cracked iPhone, repairs zoom in general is able to accommodate those repairs as well with no extra fees charged. All of the repairs come with six-month guarantee and excellent customer service.  With over 50 5 star reviews on Google Plus, it's a safe bet that the customer service here in Orange County is the best you can find.

So if you're looking for an iPhone repair, or iPad repair service in Orange County or Newport Beach, and you need walk-in fast service in orange county or Irvine, you definitely want to consider coming into RepairZoom for an iPhone Repair today.