Saturday, August 1, 2015

iPad Repair Newport Beach

iPhone Repair and iPad Repair in Newport Beach

Living in Newport Beach is a privilege. Many people have access to the best schools, the best shopping, the most beautiful coastline, and beautiful beaches.  Fine dining is some of the best in the USA and a healthy lifestyle permeates this beautiful city on the water.  It's also a mini technology hub with companies like Google and Broadcom making apps and parts for iPhones and iPads right in this area.

Part of the shopping experience in Newport Beach includes amazing technology shopping such as The Apple store at fashion Island.

Here you can buy iPhones iPad and MacBook computers galore. Rumor has it it's one of the best performing stores in the entire Apple retail chain. And that's no surprise, as residents of Newport Beach love their iPhones and love Fashion Island shopping center too.

But if you break your iPhone or iPad in Newport Beach, you are left with several decisions about what to do next. Should you repair it yourself? Should you take it to a mall kiosk? Or should you seek out a repair at the Apple store?  The answer may actually be none of these. Residents of Newport Beach are lucky in that they live nearby one of the USA's best repair companies for Apple products. It's called RepairZoom. They repair iPhones and iPads for companies and customers all over the country through their mail order service. But a little known secret is that RepairZoom also offers walk in repairs to local Newport Beach customers at their Irvine spectrum nearby RepairZoom location. And many customers needing iPhone or iPad Repair Newport Beach are able to drop off and pick up their repaired iPhone or iPad in as little as one hour or less.

Why choose RepairZoom over doing-it-yourself

Many people wonder if they should just repair a broken iPhone or iPad themselves. Well this is certainly an option.  With many companies willing to send you the parts to fix it yourself, it may be tempting.  But it is not advisable. It's more difficult to fix your own iPad than most people think.  All the glass shards.  The adhesives.  The electronics inside are also a challenge. And for every success story there seems to be a tragedy story that follows of someone that destroyed their phone with all of their precious photos lost forever.

Maybe it's not the most difficult thing in the world, but doing it your first time it's certainly not easy. Why not pay a few extra dollars and have it done professionally by RepairZoom where you get a six month warranty and free insurance if you ever accidentally break it again. Yep, that's right, repair zoom actually gives you 50% off if you ever break the same repair again. This is an industry first and customers love this benefit. And RepairZoom is known all around the corporate world for having the best quality repairs of any repair shop. That makes them the best value for Newport Beach residents too, as their prices are as low as the shops that give you cheap third-party replacement parts.

No wonder so many people in Newport Beach love RepairZoom.  It is definitely worth the short drive down the coast, 73 Toll Road, or 405 Freeway.  From the port streets to Corona del Mar, to Balboa Island, Newport Beach's most savvy shoppers only trust RepairZoom for their iPad Repairs.  Most of the customers just drop off and pick up their repaired devices as soon as 1 hour later.  RepairZoom has over 300 5-star reviews on Yelp! Go check it out for yourself.  For the best quality, best value, and best service, it's clear that RepairZoom in Irvine is the best option for anyone in Newport Beach seeking out a repair of their iPhone or iPad.


  1. RepairZoom is the best choice in OC.

  2. We got our iPad repair done at RepairZoom in Irvine and they are as good as it gets for any type of cracked screen repair or other needs for broken iPads.

  3. We got our iPad repair done at RepairZoom in Irvine and they are as good as it gets for any type of cracked screen repair or other needs for broken iPads.

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